Friday, May 01, 2020

Food Farmer Forever!

Do you love to garden? Do you wish you could grow a garden inside? Do you get impatient waiting for your vegetables to grow? Do you wish you could click the clouds so they stop blocking the sun's life-giving rays? Do you want to shrink into a tiny version of yourself to see what you're growing up close? Do you want to plant a garden on Mars? What about Mercury? Do you like eating carrots that are just as big as you are? Do you want to earn badges like "Prize Garden" or "Tons of Tomatoes" to honor yourself for your clever gardening skills?
Enough carrots to make 314 miniature carrot cakes.
If you answered "YES" to any of those questions, then we've created a gaming experience you will love: Food Farmer! You'll get to grow a variety of plants on a variety of planets. Woah.
Martian potatoes are the best potatoes. - Mark Watney
Each planet serves up it's own challenges: Earth provides rain, but Mars and Mercury require a full-time gardener on the watering can. You'll never run out of sufficient sunlight on Mercury, but you'll want to avoid giving your garden too much and cooking your vegetables before they're ready! Somehow aphids and bees made it into the Martian and Mercurian greenhouses: bees are super-helpful, but keep an eye on those aphids...

A big thanks to Miles Tilmann for his work in developing this game, and it was a pleasure working with PBS KIDS and Wind Dancer to bring this game to life! Check it out and let your kids play too.

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