Monday, October 07, 2013

Wild Kratts Monkey Mayhem!

Hi everyone! We're proud to announce the release of a new HTML5 title for Wild Kratts! This game was a ton of fun to work on and we were able to do a lot of really cool stuff with Martin and Chris's Creature Power Suits. Unfortunately we weren't able to test the actual power suits in-house, but we did our best to make the in-game suits almost as fun as the real thing.
The South American Rainforest is home to all sorts of animals, and the landscape is quite puzzling.
Wild Kratts Monkey Mayhem is a puzzle-platformer that you can play from your mobile browser or your desktop computer. Navigate your way through the South American Rainforest collecting fruit, looking for wildlife, and avoiding danger! Yes, your kids can play it too, so share.

 Only 140556 possible combinations.
We designed each of the 12 levels as several interchangeable sections, so each time you (or your child) play, the environment is shuffled around a bit, with a weighted preference for more difficult puzzles if you prove yourself a skilled jungle explorer. We also built a level editor into the game that lets you shuffle sections around yourself to try something new or visit a section that may not have appeared on your playthrough.

Martin gets tough.
Puzzles require that the brothers use teamwork and their unique Creature Powers to get them both through the rainforest. Try out the game for all of the amazing animal action!

It has been great fun working with the folks at PBS KIDS and the Kratt Brothers to bring this game to life!