Monday, July 14, 2014

New Dinosaur Train Game on PBS Kids!

The first decision in the game is a tough one.
Todd and I have been thoroughly immersed in the Cretaceous for the past few months, but we've traveled back to the future to share all that we've learned! Foremost, we're excited to share our field notes via our new game Station Race. (We scrawl field notes on our computers using JavaScript and inexplicably they show up as a game on the Internet somewhere.)

Station Race is a fun avoidance game that's fully playable on your computer or on your favorite mobile device. After a few rounds, you'll learn all about Deinonychus, Spinosaurus, and how to build railroad tracks across the Cretaceous landscape. Tap and trace your way from one station to the next as quickly as possible to pick up all the dinosaurs!

Lakes, boulders, trees, and sauropods: prehistoric track-building is hazardous.
Although the journey was rough, and the natives gigantic, Todd and I are now resident experts regarding many dinosaurs, and -- most importantly -- I am now proficient at naming each member of my children's toy dinosaur collection without reading the labels on the bottom.

We had a fantastic time working with both PBS Kids and Dinosaur Train on this project, and we hope you and your children enjoy the game and learn something new along the way!