Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rail Rally Release!

Do you love dinosaurs? Do you enjoy trains? Do you find yourself daydreaming about bezier curves? Do you wish that you could experience all three together!?! If that's you (and I am quite sure it is since the you not reading this wouldn't be the same you reading this), we have just delivered on your dream!

That's what we do here at Gopherwood Studios. We make dreams come true. Not all dreams, mind you. Just dreams involving things we're making come true, obviously.

What? Racing against a Zeppelin!?! Is that fair?
Behold Rail Rally! In this prehistoric adventure, the Dinosaur Train chugs across the serene hills of the Cretaceous, racing against three other formidable Troodon inventions: the Solar Train, the Rocket Train, and the Zeppelin. Test your train engineer mettle as your trusty train chugs along the rails, passing bonuses along the way that boost you past your opponents!

After you've finished trying out all four vehicles, give your child a chance to play too. All kids love HTML5 games. Mine do. They're always saying, "If it's not HTML5, it's not really a game." Not really, but one day they'll understand the wisdom of their father's words.

Thanks to the awesome folks at Jim Henson's Dinosaur Train and PBS KIDS for giving us the opportunity to make this dream come true, for you!