Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Control the Mission at Mission Control

Bzzzz .... Come in Mission Control. This is Boop. Satellite parts are falling from the sky. I repeat, important stuff is falling from the sky: please advise. ... zzzzt.

Read the above in your best Mars rover voice, and you'll have an idea of what's going on inside my head when I play MISSION CONTROL. This is the last of the set of games we created for Ready Jet Go! Space Scouts. Players are tasked with putting together a control panel that covers everything from sucking up recyclables, to exploring Mars, to saving broken satellites.
Boop's magnetic personality really comes in handy.
I would post a picture of Gopherwood Studios's Mission Control where we succeeded in our mission to bring you Mission Control, but Todd's desk is too messy. (Todd, I'm writing this, so you have no platform to talk about my desk.)

In Mission Control, players add controls to a control panel to control Jet 2 (a robot), Boop (a Mars rover), and the Propulsion's spaceship (I don't know its name... ...let's call it Claire). Once the control panel is built, players use the panel they've created as the input controls to move around the map and complete goals.
Claire tidying up with a tractor beam.
That's it!

Or is it?

No, also, there's a satellite falling apart and asteroid vortexes, but you'll have to play to see what that's all about.

Jet 2 recycles... not like those other robots that litter the landscape with trash cubes.
We worked with Miles Tilmann to bring Mission Control to life (you might recognize some of his other work at PixelJam: it's fun too). Mindy was also a great help: with her eternally chipper demeanor and great all-around attitude, you two will get along nicely completing all those missions.


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