Monday, November 24, 2014

Rescue Ecotopia!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone removed almost all of the fish out of a lake?
Hacker, Buzz, and Delete carelessly pollute Ecotopia...
CHAOS. First, storks would eat up the very last few, just to survive, and then fly away to find a better lake. Then, the poor crocodiles wouldn't be able to find anything to eat in the lake with all the fish and storks gone. They'd wander into the forest and mangrove, munching on anything they could find! They might just eat all of the mudskippers flopping through the mangrove, which would terribly upset the mangrove goannas, having their snack taken away. Once there are no more mudskippers, both the crocodiles and the goannas would have to leave, and soon 5 species are gone, just because someone removed some fish! Who would do that!?!
The lake needs another crocodile. Because crocodiles rock.
Find out in our latest HTML5 game for Cyberchase - Rescue Ecotopia! This systems-thinking game was designed in collaboration with the awesome team at WNET. It was great fun making it; we hope you enjoy playing it!