Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mission Earth

We don't usually fancy ourselves as astronauts, but the past few months have changed our trajectory forever. We've been won over by the Propulsions, an alien family of travel writers, and have decided to help them show Earth's exciting features to the curious populace of their home planet, Bortron 7.

Mindy's on a mission.

Although this didn't involve us flying into space, which we're pretty bad at, it did involve us making a game, which we happen to be good at. Introducing MISSION EARTH, an exciting platformer that encourages you to snap photos of interesting Earth features and transmit them to Bortron 7.

She has a keen eye for photogenic animals.

Once you give it a try, you should probably let your kids play too: not only is it fun, there is a big helping of discoveries just waiting to be made by explorers everywhere.

Jet's arms are just a little stretchier than regular-ole Earthie arms.

We've really enjoyed working with the teams at PBS KIDS and READY JET GO to bring this game to life. Let us know what you think!

...unless you're thinking about something that has nothing to do with this blog post. In that case, don't let us know what you think.

Actually, I am just a little curious. If you read this post and are thinking of something entirely unrelated... ...maybe it's important - you can go ahead and let us know.

On the other hand, it probably isn't any of our business or the Internet's either. Feel free to keep it to yourself.