Monday, April 20, 2020

Amazin' Amazon Adventure!

Todd and I have a lot in common with the Kratt Brothers. They're brothers and coworkers. We're coworkers. They love going on world-wide adventures to show animals to kids. I have a dog. Their cartoon selves have the coolest gadgets. Our cartoon selves would have cool gadgets if we had cartoon selves. They wear blue and green. We wear blue and green sometimes, too!

With that much in common, we were super-honored to help create Amazin' Amazon Adventure, a game about creatures, their unique creature powers, and the triumph of good over evil! (Stop stealing innocent creatures, Zach.)
For those who have followed us for some time, this may be a bit of déjà vu: back in 2013 we created Monkey Mayhem, another Wild Kratts title where the brothers navigate the Amazon Rainforest. Both games are 2d platformers set in the Amazon with characters using their Creature Power Suits to navigate an obstacle-filled jungle. That said, the direction on this most recent game focuses on more action-based activity and exploration, whereas the first was more about solving puzzles to make forward progress.
Ah! You're downside up!
We also took level generation to the next level with this title. Each level is a grid comprised of up to 20 unique level sections to create a unique experience with each play-through (unlike Monkey Mayhem, which had 3 unique sections per level). In addition to the variety of level pieces, the number of obstacles increases as the player progresses through the game, ramping up to a final generated level that makes use of all the player's creature powers.
From the top of the canopy to the bottom of the river, lots of Amazon to explore!
We had fun designing this game with the Kratt Brothers team and PBS KIDS, and we hope you and your kids enjoy the game and learn a bit about the amazing creatures in the Amazon along the way!

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