Saturday, January 22, 2011

Maximum Theoretical Score is 9080

Nathaniel Johnston from Guelph, Ontario, found the maximum score possible on our standard Entanglement solitaire board. Here's an excerpt from his analysis:
The standard Entanglement game board is made up of a hexagonal ring of 6 hexagons, surrounded by a hexagonal ring of 12 hexagons, surrounded by a hexagonal ring of 18 hexagons, for a total of 36 hexagons. In order to maximize our score, we want to maximize how much we increase the length of our path on our final move. Thus, we want to just extend our path by a length of one on each of our first 35 moves, and then score big on the 36th move....
Read the rest of Nathaniel's interesting and thorough analysis »

Monday, January 17, 2011

Why we were down this weekend...

Sorry about the interruption, if you noticed. GoDaddy blocked our hosting due to a "network violation" without giving us prior notice, so I woke up Saturday morning to a somewhat unpleasant surprise. Apparently our web games were stealing more than their fair share of their hosting server's resources. I told them to behave, with my strictest daddy-voice, but that wasn't good enough for GoDaddy.

Fortunately, the latest version of Entanglement uses Google App Engine, and was not affected by the block. Unfortunately, Sand Trap and the older versions of Entanglement were. After being down nearly all day Saturday, I decided to move to a new hosting service.

Since Sand Trap functions entirely client-side, it is back up: enjoy!

However, the older version of Entanglement (with the sea-green background) is currently not functional and is redirecting to the latest version of Entanglement. If you have issues with the newest version, please check out our Entanglement support page.