Tuesday, July 02, 2013

2013.5 in Review

Today's yesterday began the second half of 2013, so with that in mind I thought I would share a bit of what Todd and I have been doing the past 6 months as well as some related news.

We put together an awesome parallax character biography toy for Geoff Keighley's The Final Hours of Tomb Raider iOS app. The biography segment is pure HTML5 in a webview, relying heavily on CSS transitions and transforms.
Sorry, this is a screenshot, so that inviting white arrow does nothing.

We've also been making Entanglement more mobile-friendly: you can now find Entanglement in the Firefox Marketplace and a beta version in the Google Play Store for AndroidSand Trap also made it into the Firefox Marketplace.

Entanglement also made it into Peppermint Four, a nice web-centric OS that tastes fantastic!

Todd and I are excited to have Scott Lewis join our team. He has over 10 years of experience in the game industry, designing and developing for several titles, including Civ 5 and Rise of Nations. He also shares Todd's birthday and Todd's last name. They're also brothers, but not twins. Not that you really cared, but it's true.

Lastly, we've been working on an exciting project with PBS Kids that we're eager to announce as soon as it's ready. But it's not ready, so I'll share no more.