Friday, October 25, 2019

Build the Best Bases in Base Builder

Have you ever built a base on Mars, and then were all like, "Boy, I wish I could build a base on Earth too." Look no further; now you can! Base Builder offers the Moon, Mars, and even the Earth as potential building sites for all your base (are belong to us -- sorry, couldn't help it... ...and you knew it was coming eventually anyway). Watch out, though: it's not all fun-and-games (well, actually it is). There's wind, rain, meteorites, and proper architectural techniques to contend with to make sure your toy astronauts are protected and able to live, nay, flourish in these harsh environments.
I'm a world-renown builder of bases. No, I'm not.
This game captures the heart of the Space Scouts premise: a playful learning environment where you're free to experiment, make connections, and discover creative solutions to solve problems.

It's a mighty base that can withstand an onslaught of malevolent meteorites.
Try it out! And let your kids have a turn! This game was a blast to work on - a falling-meteorite-hitting-a-sturdy-shock-reinforced-astronaut-base blast to work on.