Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Entanglement Now in the Chrome Web Store

We have been busy further developing Entanglement to prepare for the opening of the Chrome Web Store. If you use Chrome and want to check out the latest iteration, install our app from the web store. This is a new web address and hosting service so at this time unfortunately your high scores and locally stored records will not carry over.

For the latest version we have further refined the art and audio. We also decided to add a swap tile to the Solitaire game and remove "Two Tile Tangle" since gameplay was not substantially distinct between the two. The leaderboards have also seen an upgrade with daily and weekly filters. Additionally, as an installed app from the Chrome Web Store, you no longer need an Internet connection to play!

If you don't want to install it as a web app, you can still check out the newest version by visiting http://entanglement.gopherwoodstudios.com/. Let us know what you think!