Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Deploying JavaScript Game to Steam, App Store, Google Play, and PWA

As time has allowed over the past few months, I've been experimenting with Paco and the Tumbling Seed Box to take advantage of various open source technologies like Cordova and Electron so that Paco can play on multiple platforms. Using Cordova, I can package the game as an app for both the App Store and the Google Play store. Using Electron, I was able to build standalone versions of Paco for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

One of the first issues I ran into is that both of these tools are unable to build for all platforms from the same development computer (with the exception of Cordova being capable of building both iOS and Android versions on a Mac). I wanted a solution that allowed me to build the game for all of these platforms without me having to bounce between computers. Even better, I preferred a solution that allowed me to invoke a command from the game code base itself to build for any or all platforms regardless of what platform I am presently using.

So I created a packager project that runs as a nodejs express server with built-in relays to handle requests depending on the platform it's serving from and pass along those it can't handle to another server. Running this service on a Mac and on a PC provides game-packaging services for all the current platforms I've built support for. From Paco's game development project, I can run something like "npm deploy:steam", which packages the current version of the game into a zip file and sends it to the PC. The PC in turn recognizes that it is unable to deploy to Steam (Windows seems to have issues with ".app" Mac files) and passes the game zip on to the Mac. The Mac recognizes that it can't package for Windows, so it leaves that to the PC and builds the Mac and Linux versions using Electron while the PC builds the Windows version and sends it to the Mac. Once the Mac has all three versions ready, it ships it off to Steam using tools from the Steam SDK.

In addition to the above, I also set up the packager to deploy a PWA version to the website. I'm still working on the hosting website as time allows, but you can enjoy the current progress and see the four targets at https://town.gopherwoodstudios.com/store/paco.html

Each platform and store has its own quirks, but I'm hoping that this process will separate those issues from the game itself and make deployment of future Gopherwood games a bit simpler, allowing each game to reach folks on the platforms they prefer as well as making game updates and fixes go a little quicker.

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