Monday, July 01, 2019

Make Rovers in Rover Maker

Wish you could design fancy rovers to rove around on other planets like Mars? Or other moons like Europa? Wish no more! Just play our latest game, Rover Maker, and make your friends, kids, and rover-making scientists jealous with your creative rover creations. Actually, don't make all those people jealous. That's not very nice. Just share Rover Maker with them so that they can also make creative rover creations. There are plenty of rover parts to go around, thanks to Ready Jet Go! and Sunspot and Sydney's endless supply of rover-making resources.

Hmm, might need to revisit this design.

There's a lot of free-form open-play in this game to really use your imagination as you create rovers to address the terrain and other obstacles of each planet and moon. Rovers can be powered by gravity, wind power, solar power, batteries, and even rockets, as you try to match your rover's capabilities to the level's layout and navigate Sunspot across the level to Sydney waiting patiently at the other end.

Whoops. I'm a game designer. Not a rover designer.

Why are you still here?!? Go have fun; let's see what you can make!

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