Wednesday, April 22, 2015

DevLog #2: Boom!

We've got most of the basic shifting/flipping/twisting functionality working, so we've started shifting to level design and obstacle creation.

One obstacle we've been working on is a simple switch-gate mechanic. Rather than go for a typical gate, we decided to steal liberally from Kirby and have switches that destroy clusters of blocks.

It looks like this!
The big benefit of this is that rather than having a fixed size/shape of gate, we can create whatever shape we want out of a series of blocks.

Even crazy stuff like this!
The mechanics behind it are straightforward. We have one or more start blocks, which are linked to the switch. When the switch fires the start block explodes and a circular hitbox overlaps the adjacent blocks in the cardinal directions. These blocks have a fuse timer, which when exhausted causes them to explode and trigger their adjacent blocks.

You end up with an attractive cascading effect (which will look nicer when we have real animations and not my ugly ones!) and a flexible system that can be used to create destroyable terrain of all sorts of shapes.

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