Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Shifty, Twisty Forest

Wow, that forest is just the shiftiest!
Todd and I spent the past few days putting together a game prototype: check it out! The Shifty, Twisty Forest is a story, err..., about a turtle finding his way through a forest - a very blocky forest with locked yellow doors. Help him get to his destination by shifting the forest around!

We created 12 levels to explore the concept and to see whether it's fun. After you've had a chance to play through it, let us know what you think! Does this game deserve more levels, better art, and a real story line (unlike the stream-of-consciousness that caused the confusing backdrop)? Or should we leave the poor forest alone and not make it twistier and shiftier?

Here's another screenshot in case you haven't time to spend on such frivolity but like to look at things and stuff.

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