Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cat in the Hat Dives into the Swirly Whirly Ocean

We made a game, yes we did,
It's fun to play, we do not kid
It's fun to play on a ball,
It's fun to play in the hall.



...alright, I'll stop - sorry about that. Our two most recent games have just been released this past week and we're excited to finally be able to share them with you! As you may have guessed (or maybe not, due to my poor imitation) these games have their roots with Dr. Seuss. Cat in the Hat as a matter of fact. After the second week of development, Todd and I made a mutual agreement to cease our rhyming battles so we could get some actual coding accomplished.
Working with PBS KIDS and a few other very talented folks, we created Do You See My Seahorse? and Deep Sea Follow Me! to bring more fun and educational games to mobile devices. Both of these games use HTML5 which enables them to work across modern web browsers on both desktop and mobile devices.
We had a ton of fun working on these two titles (and my boys had even more fun testing them). Hopefully you (or your children) will enjoy them as well; check them out!

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