Monday, August 29, 2011

The Edison Project

Last month we were selected as a finalist in an entrepreneurial competition held by our local chamber of commerce: it's titled "The Edison Project" and is designed to help folks turn their creative business ideas into reality. This has been a great opportunity for Todd and I to take a look at the business side of things and think strategically about how we can make a livable income doing what we love: making games for you! Regardless of who wins, having a chance to create and work through a business plan has been a great learning experience.

Here are the other eight businesses that were selected as finalists:
The competition consists of three parts: our business plan, a presentation to a few local business leaders this week, and finally a presentation to a public audience. If you live in Hickory, NC, or the surrounding area, come and check it out! It's at the SALT Block Auditorium from 4-6pm on September 19th, 2011. There is no charge and you can vote on your favorite presentation. We can chat afterward about HTML5, game design, or why Todd no longer participates in motorized crowd surfing.

Update: We achieved second place!


  1. so is it going to be streamed on the internet?

  2. No, I don't believe so... ...maybe I can bring a webcam... :-P


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