Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Daily Challenge and Going International

The Daily Challenge is finally here! What is the Daily Challenge, you say? The Daily Challenge is the final piece of the Sakura Grove expansion set and the ultimate way to compete versus your friends and family to find out who's the best Entanglement player. How's it work? The Daily Challenge presents all players with the exact same puzzle for one full day. Players can play this puzzle as many times as they like to try to get the highest score possible. Since everyone is playing on the exact same map with the exact same set of tiles, it's easy to determine who's the best and who's just lucky! The player with the highest score so far will have his name and score displayed on the board for all to see. At the end of the day, a new puzzle is created and the fun starts all over again!

How do you access it? To play the Daily Challenge, go to the main menu and select Solitaire. You will see a list of different maps/modes to play. Daily Challenge is at the bottom of the list. If you don't already own the Sakura Grove Expansion you'll be prompted to buy it in order to access the Daily Challenge.

In other news, we've finished translating the game into more than 30 languages! If you live in a non-English speaking country you may have already seen the results of this update since the language changes based on the country settings in your browser. If you notice any errors in the translations, please let us know. We only speak English so we're completely blind to errors in other languages.


  1. Hello, I did find a little error from the finnish translation.

    replace word "aseta" with a word "järjestys" in the scoreboard after a multiplayer game.

  2. Also, replace "hiiren kiekkopainikkeella" with "hiiren rullalla" in the how to play text.

    word "kiekkopainike" is from 1950s, it's so last season.

  3. Oh and "mobiilitoisto" sounds so weird. "Toisto" is like... "playing music over and over again"

    replace "mobiilitoisto" with "mobiiliversio" or "mobiilipeli".

  4. @Juuso - Thanks for the help! We've made the changes you recommended. You should see them the next time we update.

  5. is it possible to change language back to english?

  6. Yes, the best way is to make your browser's preference "English" in Language Settings (for example, "chrome://settings/languages" if you're using Chrome).

    If it's just Entanglement you want in English, you can use the English-specific link here.


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