Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Period of Change

Derek Google-prevod Zapletanje :-P
As I write this, holes are being drilled into the wall of our new office. "Office" may be a strong word for what we have, two desks in the corner of a basement and a few freshly drilled holes to mount a white board. But for us, the word office implies a new direction for Gopherwood Studios. We've decided to take a swing at making Gopherwood Studios our job rather than our hobby. Those out there who've taken the same step will probably understand the mix of excitement and trepidation that comes with it.

I think now would be a good time to thank those who've given us this opportunity. To our families and friends, thank you for your words of encouragement, your trust, and your prayers. To Google, thank you for thinking Entanglement worthy of featuring in Chrome and for the continual assistance in making it as good as possible. To the players, thanks for your feedback, your kind words, and for supporting us. And to God, thanks for the ability to do any of this.
Todd testing Thwack!!

So what's next for Gopherwood Studios? We're currently finishing up a few updates to Entanglement including the daily challenge mode and support for other languages. We're also starting work on a new game. We'll have more news on that soon, but expect more HTML5 awesomeness.

Until then!


  1. Congratulations, and good luck!

    Hey, now that you guys are officially in business, if I get fired from my current job for playing Entanglement all day, I can totally count on you to give me a new job, right? Awesome! Thanks!

  2. Thanks - Of course! You could become a member of our elite group of game testers earning a lucrative salary of cheese puffs and... ...tap water? All you can drink! :-D

  3. I was just in the middle of a great game and had to minimize to do some work (since I AM at work), when I went back to finish it was gone. Couldn't you guys come up with a way to save your game to finish it later? THAT would be so nice!!

  4. That's a good idea - we'll consider it as we continue to make improvements to the game!


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