Monday, February 21, 2011

Sakura Grove Hot-seat Multiplayer

We just updated the main menu over the weekend so if you have purchased the Sakura Grove expansion set, you now have access to the hot-seat multiplayer versions of the expansion modes as well.

To make things interesting in the Sakura Grove mode itself, you do not receive a tile for each pass through a cherry tree; rather, it takes two passes for a single tile, which allows you to "steal" bonus tiles from your rivals before they are able to make the second pass.

To access the new multiplayer versions of the expansion set modes, login, and then click "Multiplayer" on the main menu and you will see a new listing of the modes to choose from. Choose the one you want to try, and then select the number of opponents. If you haven't played Entanglement recently, you may need to refresh the page to get the latest version of the app. If you haven't activated the Sakura Grove expansion set and want to, go to the main menu and click "More Modes".

Up next: the Daily Challenge mode.