Thursday, February 10, 2011

Entanglement Soundtrack by OMNI Audio

We have received a lot of great feedback from everyone about the background music for Entanglement, including many requests for obtaining the soundtrack apart from the game.

First, I want to mention how wonderful it was working with OMNI Audio. Alistair Hirst and his team composed and created the beautiful sound effects and music for Entanglement with a very short turn-around, giving us everything we needed and more to make sure we had high quality audio for everything in the game.

To make the background audio loop less repetitive, Alistair asked us to try an interesting layering technique that I believe worked out phenomenally well. The background track in-game is actually 2 separate layers of audio. The layers are offset by 16 seconds and each layer plays a short 32 second clip randomly chosen from a list of five or six unique sound clips. So, at any given time, you are listening to one of 30 possible combinations, resulting in up to 15 minutes straight of non-repeating original audio.

Omni Audio: Entanglement Soundtrack
When I mentioned all the requests we were receiving for a separate downloadable soundtrack, Alistair revisited the background music for us and put it into a linear form. Enjoy!

Grab the original MP3 from CDBaby for $0.99 (a higher percentage gets to us) or on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and several other distributors.