Thursday, February 03, 2011

Entanglement: Sakura Grove Expansion

Love Entanglement and want more? Try the brand new Sakura Grove Expansion! Explore an engaging new game mode with a wild twist, two stylish maps, and a daily challenge to see who is the best at Entanglement!
  • Sakura Grove - A completely new game-play mode for Entanglement! You have a spacious garden surrounded by cherry trees, but you have a limited number of tiles to play. Acquire more tiles by directing your path through one of the cherry trees, which blooms every time you pass through it. How far can you go? You’ll have to see for yourself!
  • Hana Blossom - A new flower-shaped map for Entanglement with the original rules. The map is larger but the petals provide an interesting challenge; it’s easy to get into one, but make sure to plan your way out, or your game will end quickly! This is a wonderful challenge for advanced Entanglement players.
  • Lotus Petal - A new tiny map for Entanglement also using the original rules. It is a great training ground to practice your ability to string together long paths and plan future moves. You can also play the map quickly enough to have a nice slice of Entanglement fun in the time of a commercial break.
  • Daily Challenge - A new challenge every day for Entanglement players! Will you be the best player today? We haven’t quite finished this mode yet but we’re working hard on it. Anyone who buys the expansion will automatically get access to the Daily Challenge mode when it is completed.
All of the above come in a package for $1.99. We’re planning to add a few more features to this expansion to make it super-special, but we don’t want to announce it quite yet. Everyone who buys it now will get the four modes above and any additional content we add to the Sakura Grove expansion.

To get started, open Entanglement and select "More Modes" from the main menu. If you have the Chrome App installed and it says "Coming soon!", you may need to refresh the page in your browser to get the latest version of the web app.

We’ve been hard at work taking Entanglement to a cool new place and we hope you’ll enjoy it. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know; thanks!