Monday, August 02, 2010

Sand Trap

Sand TrapCasual Gameplay occasionally hosts a game design competition with the latest one having "sandbox" as the theme. Todd and I usually come up with our own topics and compete against each other, but we thought it might be fun to try out a *real* competition that includes *real* prizes. So we brainstormed and thought and pondered and contemplated and finally came up with a "box of sand" as our sandbox idea. Yeah, we're not too great at thinking outside of the box. (I imagine Todd is now hanging his head in shame at my pitiful pun.) Anyway, after several weeks of me coding, Todd drawing art, and my brother-in-law Clay picking at the guitar, we've created Sand Trap.

I hope you enjoy it. If you do, feel free to give us a good rating :-). If not, let us know why. Try out the other entries while you are there: our fellow competitors put together some really creative entries!

Oh, and Todd promised to mail out free boxes of sand to folks if we win! Right Todd? ...Todd?

[update 8/23/2010] Todd, looks like you're off the hook! Congratulations to Mateusz Skutnik and the other winners »